Meet Nickie Shanks, Regional Coordinator – Avalon West, Vista and Burin Regions

Nickie Shanks
Regional Coordinator Avalon West, Vista, and Burin Region

Nickie Shanks works closely with 54 schools in the Avalon West, Vista and Burin regions to ensure Kids Eat Smart (KES) Breakfast Clubs are functioning at their best. Nickie assists with menus to offer the healthiest options and offers guidance when clubs are facing challenges. She organizes, promotes, and participates in fundraising initiatives. Nickie also provides support to KES Clubs in their search for volunteers. In addition, Nickie assesses the need for equipment and PPE when required. She develops relationships with all those involved in, and who support KES breakfast clubs. This year will mark 6 years that Nickie has been a Regional Coordinator for the Kids Eat Smart Foundation.  

Before COVID 19, Nickie volunteered at the breakfast clubs at her children’s schools and was also a parent volunteer. Nickie has a Business Management Diploma and a Human Resource Management Diploma and has training in Food Safety. Nickie was an active member of Student Council participating in and assisting with the organization of fundraising events. 

The wonderful stories that Nickie often hears from those involved in breakfast clubs is inspiring. For Nickie, it is motivating to hear how KES clubs are making a difference in schools, and it gives her a sense of pride to talk about some of the amazing work happening across the province. The relationships that she has built with Principals, Coordinators, Volunteers and Donors is the most rewarding part of being a Regional Coordinator. 

Nickie has a very large family. She loves playing music, attending sporting events with her children, sewing/quilting, and interacting with her dog (a husky named Winter). 

If you have questions about KES Clubs in the Avalon West, Vista, and Burin Region, you can reach Nickie at



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