Engaging Student Volunteers

Encouraging students to volunteer is a great way to get kids involved in our Kids Eat Smart Clubs.  Many students participate each day by helping prepare, serve and clean up our Breakfast Clubs. Many of our Clubs have students take a major role in running the club.  Allowing students to volunteer allow them to build many life long skills such as leadership, confidence, organization and responsibility. Our younger children are able to serve food and our older children are able to take on the responsibility of organizing menus, preparing specific recipes and developing volunteer schedules. Many of our older students are also able to build up volunteer hours they require to graduate. Another bonus is that they are able to complete our Food Safety Training presentation which gives them necessary food safety skills to be able to prepare and serve foods safely. Ask your students to assist in your KES Club today!

PWC students in Ms. Woolridge’s class put on their gloves and hairnets each day to help prepare breakfast for their schools KES Breakfast Club. Today they attended a  food safety training session with Janel….thank you, Ms.Woolridge’s class!

Kristin Hedges is a Registered Dietitian with Kids Eat Smart Foundation NL.

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