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Meet Lori Warford-Woolgar, Regional Coordinator – Eastern Avalon

Lori Warford-Woolgar, MSc, RD Regional Coordinator for Eastern Avalon, Registered Dietitian As the Regional Coordinator for Eastern Avalon, Lori collaborates closely with each of her 67 Kids Eat Smart (KES) Clubs to ensure they have the necessary supports.  From funding to food, equipment to encouragement, Lori takes pride in helping her KES Clubs. As a […]

Breakfast is Back

The Kids Eat Smart (KES) Foundation NL is thrilled children are back to school and back to breakfast. For many KES Clubs, breakfast time may look a little different this year.  Where children once served themselves in cafeterias and sat with their friends to eat, children are now being served in cohorts, often in their […]

Food – Bringing us Together

As March draws to a close and Nutrition Month 2020 ends, I thought it fitting to reflect on this year’s nutrition month theme – MORE THAN FOOD. This theme was meant to get us thinking not only about the food we eat but about how and why we eat.  Food is often what brings us […]

Cooking – A Skill for Every Age

The age of your child will determine what they can do to help in the kitchen.  Matching their skill level with cooking duties will help instill a sense of pride and accomplishment.  It is also a great way to teach them about nutrition and food safety.  It also provides an opportunity to teach subjects, such […]

Family Fun in the Kitchen

Whether you have toddlers or teenagers, cooking with your kids can be a fun-filled way to spend quality time together.  It also provides great teaching opportunities.  From the science of baking soda to the social importance of working together to achieve a common goal, cooking is MORE THAN FOOD. Here are some other teaching moments […]

March is Nutrition Month

Nutrition Month has been celebrated by the dietetic profession for over 30 years.  The goal for Nutrition Month is to create awareness about the importance of healthy eating.  It places emphasis on dietitians as the most importance source of reliable nutrition information. This year’s Nutrition Month theme is MORE THAN FOOD.  As we discussed in […]

What are whole grains?

In nature, grains grow as whole grains.  Whole grains are the entire seed of the plant, which includes the bran, endosperm and germ. The bran is the outer protective layer of the grain.  It contains fibre, B vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The endosperm is the seed found under the bran layer.  It contains carbohydrate, protein, […]

Kefir vs Yogurt

Whether it is in a bottle, tube, cup, or your favorite smoothie, yogurt is a very common healthy breakfast food. As a good source of calcium and protein, it is great for bone health.  An essential part of yogurt making is the addition of good bacteria that breaks down sugar in milk to other substances.  […]