October 13, 2020 Blog

Breakfast is Back

The Kids Eat Smart (KES) Foundation NL is thrilled children are back to school and back to breakfast.

For many KES Clubs, breakfast time may look a little different this year.  Where children once served themselves in cafeterias and sat with their friends to eat, children are now being served in cohorts, often in their classroom.

One thing the KES Foundation NL understands and appreciates is that every school is unique.  How breakfast is safely served in one school may differ slightly from another school.  Whether fruit, healthy whole grains and protein food are delivered to classrooms in bins, on trolleys, or if cohorts are assigned time to eat, safely distanced, in a cafeteria, KES Clubs strive to ensure every child has access to a nutritious breakfast in a welcoming, non-stigmatizing environment.

In the coming weeks we will be introducing the four KES Foundation NL Regional Coordinators – highlighting how they work directly with the 258 KES Clubs across NL to serve over 31,000 meals each school day, so that every child can start their day well nourished and ready to learn.

Photo courtesy of Lakeside Academy, Buchans – serving breakfast 5 days a week.

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