Cleaning out your KES Cupboards!

With the school year winding down, it’s now time to think about emptying out your KES Cupboards and Fridges for the summer months. First, you should consider emptying the cupboards of all items that will not hold over the next few months. See some tips below for emptying those cupboards.

Here are some suggestions that can help you use the foods you have left in your KES Club:

  • If you have lots of cereal on hand, prepare some small baggies of dry cereal for kids to grab- and- go
  • If you have lots of fruit (fresh or frozen) make some smoothies
  • Check expiry dates for shelf stable items and ensure they are store properly in closed containers or locked cupboards over the summer
  • Any leftover food that cannot be saved, donate
  • Next week, during the last week of school, provide your students with grab-and-go options as it’s much easier to buy smaller amount of foods that maybe used quickly. Set this up where all students can see it as they walk through the school doors, to ensure all our children and youth avail of these breakfast items.

Kristin Hedges is a Registered Dietitian with Kids Eat Smart Foundation NL. 

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