Serving Different Fruit!

Serving frozen fruit is such a great option all year round, but another way to get kids excited about eating fruit is to try and serve them fruit they may not have tried before.  Each month, one of our KES Clubs offers fruits kids may not have had before.

Many of our Clubs serve apples, oranges, bananas and sometimes berries, but when available, we not try serving something different like mango, kiwi, watermelon or pineapple!  What about Jackfruit?

It is  a great source of fibre, protein and antioxidants and this week at one of our Clubs, the children loved it.  Try a new fruit this week at your KES Club and see how the kids react.

Our photo features Jack from Beachy Cove Elementary eating Jackfruit.

Kristin Hedges is a Registered Dietitian with Kids Eat Smart Foundation NL.

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