Smart Snacking in School & On the Go!

Preparing snacks and having them ready to go makes healthy snacking easier for parents and children.  By having healthy snacks on hand, we are all less likely to snack on the more tempting items we may have in our cupboards.  The rule of thumb for smart snacking is to include 2 of the 4 food groups from Canada’s Food Guide.  This will help us meet the recommended daily servings each day.  Here are a few items to have stocked in your fridge, and cupboards, for quick and healthy snacking.  These are great items for recess and easy to grab so you can have them on hand for an after school snack.  Happy Snacking!

  1. Yogurt with berries
  2. Lean meats with pretzels
  3. Cheese cubes and fruit
  4. Apples and peanut butter (for at home if no allergies)
  5. Graham crackers & yogurt
  6. Cut up hard cheese and whole grain crackers
  7. Popcorn and fruit cup packed in water or 100% juice
  8. Frozen fruit for smoothies with yogurt
  9. Strawberries and whole grain cereal with milk
  10. Apple sauce cup with pretzels

Information adapted from:

Kristin Hedges is a Registered Dietitian with Kids Eat Smart Foundation NL.


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