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Breakfast on a Stick!

Kids love breakfast served in fun ways and this is an easy recipe to put together.  We always love when KES Clubs can serve something warm for this kids on cold mornings.  It’s always great to get the kids involved with preparing breakfast as well.  In preparation, we suggest you have the french toast cut […]

Frozen Yogurt Raspberry Bites!

At our Kids Eat Smart Clubs, we are always looking for fun way to serve fruit to kids. When you make fruit fun, kids are more likely to choose it, when given the option.  This is another fun recipe that can be easily accomplished at your KES Breakfast Club.  This recipe can be made in […]

Fresh Fruit Pop!

This recipe is a great little treat for your upcoming Valentine’s Day breakfast!  Sometimes all you need to make things festive is a certain colour fruit.  Valentine’s of course, our favorite colour is red.  We find kids always love strawberries and what makes this recipe even better, is it’s easy for little fingers to grab […]

Fresh, Frozen & Canned Fruits & Vegetables!

We encourage all of our KES Clubs to serve fruits and vegetables each and every day.  This includes fresh, frozen and canned fruits and veggies.  Frozen and canned fruits are just as nutritious or even more nutritious than fresh!  Many times in rural parts of our Province, we cannot access fresh fruit for extended periods […]

Valentine’s Day Heart Kabobs!

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, it’s good to think ahead to see what fun things we can do to make breakfast exciting and festive for the kids.  This fun recipe is quick, easy and great to get the kids involved.  With most holidays, it is about theme; and how fun is it to […]

Good Morning Egg Roll Up!

What could be better then a nice warm egg wrap to start your child’s day! Wraps appear to be a go to item for kids as they can easily grab them on their way to class or enjoy them with friends at their KES Club.  Wraps are also a great way to get your extra […]

Meal Planning is Key!

Another message the new Canada’s Food Guide promotes, which resonates with Kids Eat Smart NL is meal planning.  If anyone knows the importance of meal planning it’s our KES Clubs Coordinators.  We encourage all of our clubs to make a plan daily, weekly and monthly.  When serving the number of kids our clubs serve each […]

Sharing a Meal of Strawberry Pancakes!

Here at Kids Eat Smart NL we are so thrilled with the release of the new Canada’s Food Guide.  One message that resonates with our KES Clubs is “Healthy eating is more than the foods you eat. It is also about where, when, why and how you eat.” We know the importance of kids starting […]

Berry Oatmeal Bake!

We often get Kids Eat Smart Club coordinators and volunteers looking to serve something different at their KES Clubs.  This recipe is great to try on a cold winter’s morning.  It’s easy to cook in batches and a warm treat for the kids too.  This simple recipe includes whole grains and berries, and great way […]

Grab and Go Veggies Dippers!

The key to serving veggies at your KES Club is having them easy to grab and go for the kids.  If you are preparing them at home or at your KES Clubs, it’s best to have them cut up and ready to serve in your fridge.  Many KES Clubs have designated prep volunteers to pre-cut […]