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Berry Pinwheel Snack!

Another summertime favorite is pinwheels of all kinds. Pinwheels are such a simple concept and loved by kids.  They can be a great snack or even a meal time delight. Kids love pinwheels as they are easy for little fingers to grab and go. Try this recipe as a summertime snack or packed for a […]

Hello Sunshine!

Sometimes all we need is a fun summer shape to get kids excited about eating a healthy snack.  If we have lots of fresh fruits and vegetables on hand the possibilities are endless.  You can make whatever comes to mind and even get the kids creative minds to help make them.  The more colorful the […]

Frozen Greek Yogurt Bites!

Creative snacks are key to providing kids with enough nutrition on these long summer days.  This recipe is great for a hot summer day snack.  Most times kids are looking for a treat to cool down and these are ingredients you may already have on hand. You will need some time in the kitchen to […]

Packing for Summer Picnics!

The key to packing a healthy picnic lunch is being prepared.  Think lots of fruits and veggies!  It doesn’t need to be complicated – it just takes a little prep work beforehand to get it together.  Wash and prep your fruits and veggies by slicing, chopping and placing in Tupperware containers.  You’ll also need a […]

Fruity Frozen Yogurt Bites!

Kids are always looking for ways to cool down on these hot summer days.  This a fun recipe to get kids excited about a healthy treat.  Simple ingredients and a simple recipe.  Kids will be sure to gobble these up.  It’s important for kids to keep hydrated and nourished when playing in the sun all […]

Summer Salsa!

Over the summer months we sometimes have more time to prepare fresh recipes from scratch.  When preparing recipes from scratch, we can always control what we put in our foods.  Sometimes with processed items, there are added ingredients that increase the sodium, sugar and saturated fat content.  Preparing homemade items can allow us to control […]

Fresh Summer Coleslaw!

With many backyard bbq’s and summer celebrations – salads are always on the list!  Rather than purchase pre-made salads, homemade salads allow you to control the ingredients you are using.  Sometimes pre-made salads are higher in saturated fat, sodium and sugar, all nutrients we want to try and limit in our diets.  Try this homemade […]

Fruit Sushi!

With all the extra running around on these nice summer days, kids are more often looking for snacks throughout the day.  Ensuring we have healthy items on hand for snacks is key.  This is a fun and easy snack the kids are sure to love.  Get them in the kitchen for this one to help […]