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Easter Bunny Breakfast!

After all the excitement of Easter morning with the kiddies, why not keep the fun going with an extra special healthy breakfast.  Making healthy fun is what we are all about at Kids Eat Smart NL.  Eggs are a delicious and nutritious protein source for breakfast.  Serve this Easter bunny with a fresh smoothie or […]

Easter Egg Fruit Tarts!

Easter break is soon here and making breakfast fun during the holidays will help kids get excited about healthy eating, and this is a great recipe to have kids help prepare. We encourage students to help prepare meals in their KES Clubs.  Established food safety practices are in place and procedures are followed; such as […]

Easter Fruit Cups!

This week, here is a fun way to get excited about Easter at your KES Club.  All you need for this recipe is fruit cups and markers.  Easy and a fun way to serve festive fruit at your KES Club. Kids will love these little chicken cups! Chickie Bird Easter Fruit Cups All you need […]

Easter Bunny Fruit Tray

With Easter just around the corner, it is nice to serve something to get kids excited about Easter.  An easy way to make your KES Club festive is to create festive shapes out of fresh fruit.  Try serving fruit in the shape of a colorful Easter egg or a Easter bunny.  We encourage all of […]

Banana Whole Grain Pancakes!

With the release of the new Canada’s Food Guide we are getting questions about Whole Grains.  It is suggested we choose whole grain foods because they have important nutrients such as fibre. vitamins & minerals. A great tip is, when you read the ingredient list and choose foods that have the word “whole grain” followed by […]

Healthy Mini Fruit Pizza!

This recipe seems fitting with the sun shining and the warmer weather on its way.  Anytime you serve fruit in a fun and creative way, kids get more excited about healthy eating.  This is a simple recipe that you may have ingredients on-hand – and it’s just placing them together in a fun pizza shape.  […]

Make Ahead Berry Breakfast Parfait!

Many of our Kids Eat Smart Clubs serve parfaits, and kids love them.  Berry breakfast parfaits are simple.  This recipe in particular is great for breakfast club because you can make them ahead of time.  Most of our KES Clubs have teams of volunteers, and some volunteers are not able to help out early mornings […]

Serving Different Fruit!

Serving frozen fruit is such a great option all year round, but another way to get kids excited about eating fruit is to try and serve them fruit they may not have tried before.  Each month, one of our KES Clubs offers fruits kids may not have had before. Many of our Clubs serve apples, […]

Serving Frozen Fruit!

It’s a fact that during Winter months in our province of Newfoundland and Labrador, it is sometimes hard to get fresh fruit.  We hear all the time from our KES Clubs that serving fresh fruit all year round can be a challenge. Our goal is to serve fruit daily and we encourage all our clubs […]

Sunny Spring Veggie Egg Cups!

With the sun shining and the temperatures finally getting a tiny bit warmer, there are signs of spring just around the corner.  Kids are wanting to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and are more eager to get up in the mornings for school.  Starting the day with a healthy breakfast gives kids energy to […]