Cost Efficient Snacking

With budgets on the minds of many families these days, at Kids Eat Smart Foundation NL, we are always trying to come up with ways to serve healthy meals or snacks on a budget.  We always encourage our KES Clubs as well as families at home to buy items in bulk and prepare items ahead of time so they are easily accessible and convenient for kids to grab and go. When comparing pre packaged snack items to whole food snacking the costs can be much cheaper when purchasing whole foods in bulk (by whole foods I mean fruit, vegetables, hard cheese, milk products, etc). For example.  Cheese and cracker packages can be much less nutritious and a  lot more expensive then buying a block of cheese and a box of crackers to have on hand as snacks for the kids.  If you get the kids to help you put the snacks together it’s a great activity and they are more likely to eat them because they helped in the preparation!


Kristin Hedges is a Registered Dietitian with Kids Eat Smart Foundation NL.


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