Series – Healthy Choices with Rising Food Costs!

With food costs on the rise we are getting more and more questions from our KES clubs on what they should be serving when it comes to fruits and vegetables.  Over the next week we will be releasing a series of blogs to inform you on how to ensure we include fruits and veggies on your KES Club menus as well as at home, despite the rising food costs in our supermarkets.  There are many alternatives to fresh fruit and veggies and we would like to take you through them to ensure we are all still getting our daily intake of fruits and veggies according to Eating Well With Canada’s Food Guide.

Although fruit and vegetables costs are on the rise within our urban centres this is something some of our rural KES Clubs deal with on a regular basis.  Sometimes during the winter months access to fresh fruits and vegetables is a common problem throughout our Province, but especially in rural areas . For this reason we always have suggestions for alternative ways to serve fruits and vegetables in these instances.

Packaged fruit cups, fruit sauces or canned fruits and vegetables are a great alternative to fresh fruits and vegetables all throughout the year.  Packaged or canned fruits and vegetables have the same nutrient content as fresh but we need to be sure we watch the labels for the following key things:

  • Ensure fruit cups or canned fruits are packed in water or it’s own fruit juice
  • Choose fruit sauces that have the least amount of ingredients on the label as possible
  • Ensure vegetables are packed in water and choose low sodium versions

Check out our next blog this week for more tips and tricks to enjoying healthy food choices despite the rising costs.

packaged fruit cups

Kristin Hedges is a Registered Dietitian with Kids Eat Smart Foundation Newfoundland and Labrador.



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