Fun & Healthy Halloween Treats!

Try these fun and easy healthy Halloween treats at your KES Club or at home next week!  Making healthy food fun is the key to getting kids excited about healthy eating!  

Happy Halloween Cups

  • Mandarin fruit cups packed in water
  • Black marker

Try this fun idea at your KES Club this month!  All you need is a fruit cup and black marker.  Have the kids help draw on the faces. Have a contest for the best pumpkin face drawing.


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Halloween Themed Skewers

      • Skewer Sticks
      • Cheese cut in square
      • Blackberries. Sometimes all we need is the appropriate colored snack to help celebrate a special occasion! Try this neat idea by alternating cheese and blackberries on a skewer.

halloween skewers

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Boonana Pops

      • Bananas
      •  Popsicle sticks
      • Raisins

Give your guests a scare by making these easy and healthy frozen “Boo-nana” pops. All you’ll need are some just-ripe bananas, popsicle sticks and raisins (for the eyes). Freeze them up, and serve.

Banana ghost

Recipe soured from:  

Kristin Hedges is a Registered Dietitian with Kids Eat Smart Foundation Newfoundland and Labrador.

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