“Special” Holiday Breakfast for your Club!

There’s nothing like a festive holiday breakfast to get you in the mood for Christmas!  Why not serve your Club a “special” holiday breakfast this week to kick off the holiday season. Enjoy some holiday music and  sing some carols while enjoying a delicious breakfast. 

As a tradition, most people would like to serve bacon, ham or sausage at these holiday breakfasts, but there are many delicious alternatives that you can serve without adding these foods.

Some breakfast suggestions that you can enjoy with your Club are:

1) Pancakes or waffles served with scrambled eggs and a festive smoothie (green or red)


2) Breakfast wrap (scrambled eggs, veggies, cheese) served with fresh or canned fruit packed in water or 100% fruit juice


3) French Toast topped with fresh or frozen (thawed) fruit and a side of cubed cheese

french toast

 Kristin Harris is a registered dietitian with Kids Eat Smart Foundation Newfoundland and Labrador

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