Your KES Club’s Countdown to Christmas – “The 12 Fruits of Christmas!”

Once December is upon us, many of us have special ways to countdown to the Christmas holidays. Sometimes we do things that have been a tradition in our families and sometimes we see new ideas that we try. People have many ways to countdown to the holidays; some people use chocolates and candy, some use books, and others simply use a countdown on their desktops.

With just a couple short weeks left before students are dismissed for the holidays, many students, staff and volunteers are in the festive spirit. Hallways and classrooms are decorated, special activities and events are planned. To make your KES Club festive this holiday season why not start your own “Countdown to Christmas.” A healthy and unique way to do this could be to serve 12 different fruits leading up to the holiday break – “12 fruits of Christmas!”


The 12 Fruits of Christmas

Fruit 1 – Pear

Fruit 2 – Strawberries

Fruit 3 – Honeydew

Fruit 4 – Oranges

Fruit 5 – Grapes

Fruit 6 – Apples

Fruit 7 – Cantaloupe

Fruit 8 – Kiwi

Fruit 9 – Banana

Fruit 10 – Clementines

Fruit 11 – Watermelon

Fruit 12 – Blueberries

Janel Genge is a registered dietitian with Kids Eat Smart Foundation Newfoundland and Labrador

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