Pancakes for Pancake Day!

Tuesday, March 4th is Pancake Day…..make your breakfast extra special by serving up some delicious pancakes at home, in your KES Clubs or even at your office!

Here are some Pancake Day recipes that you can try:

Janel Genge is a registered dietitian with Kids Eat Smart Foundation Newfoundland and Labrador


Increasing Your Veggies!!

Canada’s Food Guide recommends that we get the majority of our daily food intake from the “Vegetable and Fruit” food group. The recommended amounts change for the different age groups and for gender, so make sure you check out “Eating Well With Canada’s Food Guide” to determine how much you should be eating.

Most of us find it much easier to eat fruits throughout the day than we do vegetables. In actuality the food group “Vegetables and Fruit” recently changed with vegetables listed first to indicate that the majority servings should be vegetables.

Here are some easy ways you can add vegetables to your family’s meals:

Soups and stews are an easy way to add a variety of veggies to your meal

– Casseroles are always a great mixture of the different food groups and you can add extra flavors by adding more vegetables

Pasta sauces are great with some added peppers, onions, mushrooms, broccoli and carrots

Raw vegetables with dipping sauce for a snack

Side salads are a great addition to any meal. Choose a mixed green or garden salad for more nutrition and less calories

Grilled veggies are also a great addition to any side. Choose your favorite veggies, add some olive oil and spices and grill in the oven or on the BBQ


Janel Genge is a registered dietitian with Kids Eat Smart Foundation Newfoundland and Labrador

What To Serve On A Snow Day

Storm days are perfect days to stay inside, where it’s toasty warm and have some fun. Meals on a storm day could be just as fun and comforting. Try making your child’s snow day extra fun by serving up something special. Here are some great ideas you can try:


 Snowman pancakes

 Start the snow day with some snowman shaped pancakes. Decorate with some blueberries and other fruit for some extra deliciousness!!

snowman pancake 



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 Snow day surprise

 Serve up a platter of delicious healthy finger foods and call it a snow day surprise…this is great for your child and their friends! For instance you can serve a platter of strips of grilled cheese sandwich, grilled homemade chicken strips, homemade baked sweet potato fries and a selection of raw veggies with dipping sauce.





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Snowballs and rice

Although they might not look exactly like snowballs, just the name will make your child excited for supper when you make them some delicious snowballs and rice. To make it a healthier choice use lean ground meat, whole wheat rice and add a side of vegetables.




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Janel Genge is a registered dietitian with Kids Eat Smart Foundation Newfoundland and Labrador


More Colour, More Nutrition!

During mealtime, brighten your plate with colourful vegetables and fruit. The more colourful the vegetables and fruits we eat, the more nutrients we get. For instance, dark green and orange vegetables are high in antioxidants, Vit B and Vit C. It is recommended that we try to eat at least one dark green and one orange vegetable every day.

Colourful fruits and veggies help reduce risks of heart disease, stroke, certain cancers, eye disease and much more. Throughout the day try to snack on bright delicious fruits and veggies! Here are some that you can choose:




-Sweet Bell Peppers


-Sweet PotatoFruits-and-Vegetables.jpg.feb











Hope you enjoy some bright colours on your plate today, and every day!!

Janel Genge is a registered dietitian with Kids Eat Smart Foundation Newfoundland and Labrador

Support Your KES Clubs…. “Help Them Shine”!!

Breakfast Clubs of Canada’s “Help Them Shine” campaign in partnership with Walmarts throughout the country begins TODAY!!!  In Newfoundland and Labrador all money collected in Walmart goes towards KES Breakfast Clubs throughout the province. There are a total of twelve Walmarts in NL, so the next time you are at Walmart be sure to support KES Breakfast Clubs!

Ways you can “Help Them Shine” between February 13 and March 7:

–        Donate $1 at the cash at a Walmart store

–        Donate online at

–        Create your own fundraiser at

Kids Eat Smart Foundation thanks you for your ongoing support of our Clubs!!


Janel Genge is a registered dietitian with Kids Eat Smart Foundation Newfoundland and Labrador

Valentine’s Day Treats!

Valentine’s Day is this Friday…..don’t forget to serve some delicious treats at your Club! Although chocolate, candy and other sweets are tradition for this Holiday, there are some great yummy nutritious alternatives to these. See below for Kids Eat Smart’s favorite Valentine’s Day treats!

Hearty French Toast


  • Whole wheat breadvalentine.pic.2
  • Egg
  • Skim milk
  • Maple syrup (optional)
  • Strawberries


Beat an egg in a low bowl.  Add about ¾ cup milk per each egg used and stir. Using a heart-shaped cookie cutter, cut out heart shapes from the center of bread slices.  Dip bread pieces into egg mixture and cook on medium heat until lightly brown. Garnish with cut strawberries and maple syrup (optional)

Recipe adapted from:;

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Lovely Banana Split


  • 1 banana
  • 1 strawberry, washed and sliced
  • 2 tbsp greek or plain yogurt
  • Unsweetened dark chocolate (optional)


Place a peeled banana on a plate.  Top with yogurt and strawberry slices.  Grate a fine dust of dark chocolate on top using a carrot peeler or grater.  Multiply the recipe to make one banana split per child.

Recipe adapted (and photo) from:

Janel Genge is a registered dietitian with Kids Eat Smart Foundation Newfoundland and Labrador

February is Heart Health Month!

We all know the importance of keeping our heart healthy and strong and every day we try to improve our health and habits to do just that. February is Heart Health Month; let’s try to promote healthy living and good nutrition to children by showing them the importance of a healthy lifestyle for a healthy heart!

In your Kids Eat Smart Clubs promote heart health habits by……

Offering more:

–        Whole grain breads, cereals, crackers, rice and pastas

–        Fresh and frozen fruits

–        Other high fiber foods like oatmeal and granola

–        Dairy such as milk and yogurt

* As a general rule, when reading nutrition labels, anything you want more of (i.e. fiber), look for greater than 15% DV….these are great choices for your club!

Offering less:

–        Processed foods that are high in sodium

–        Refined grains such as white breads, cereals, crackers, rice and pasta

–        Foods that have little nutrition but high in calories such as saturated and trans fats

* As a general rule, when reading nutrition labels anything you want less of (i.e. sodium, cholesterol, fat, trans fat and sat fat) look for less than 5% DV….these are great choices for your club!


Janel Genge is a registered dietitian with Kids Eat Smart Foundation Newfoundland and Labrador