Lunch To Go!

For many parents, packing lunches and knowing what to prepare for your child for their day at school can be a very tiring and repetitive task. In most schools, your Kids Eat Smart Club got breakfast covered for you….that’s one less thing you have to worry about.

So, you don’t have to worry about getting your child breakfast…great! But what about snack and lunch time…what can you pack? Below are some quick, delicious and nutritious “lunch to go” items:

  • Unsweetened dry cereal with milk or yogurt and fresh fruit
  • Apple slices and hard cheese cubes
  • Veggies with dip
  • Crackers and cheese
  • Fruit (fresh or frozen) and yogurt
  • Pasta salad with chicken
  • Soft shell tacos made with chicken and veggies
  • Wraps made with leftovers
  • Leftover soups, stews, casseroles & stirfrys

  • A guaranteed favorite will be the “build your own pizza” lunch. Your child will simply just add the following:
    • Whole wheat English muffin or pita
    • Tomato sauce
    • Toppings of choice (chicken, ground beef, veggies, pineapple, etc)
    • Grated cheese
    • *Warm in microwave if needed

 *Reminder: When packing snacks try to include 1-2 of the food groups on the Canada’s Food Guide and for lunches try to include something from all 4 food groups. This can include beverages and desserts.

 Janel Genge is a registered dietitian with Kids Eat Smart Foundation Newfoundland and Labrador

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