Adding Nutrition to Children’s Parties

Are special occasion foods okay in moderation? Absolutely! But moderation has been overused and “special occasion” sweet and salty foods seem to be incorporated on a regular basis when children attended special events either at school (ie. class parties) or at home (ie. birthday parties). What many parents and teachers often wonder is “how can we make these events healthier”? Below are some healthy food ideas, as well as ideas to get children active during these events:

Healthy Food Ideas:

–          Fruit or veggie kabobs

–          Fruit and vegetable trays

–          Granola bars

–          Low-fat popcorn

–          Smoothies

–          Whole-wheat soft pretzels

–          Yogurt  tubes

–          Build your own pizza with flatbread or pita bread

Fitness Ideas:

–          Focus on fitness and have field games or round robin out-door activities.

–          Give the most important muscle a workout! Make it a dance party, a jumping party, or balance-a-balloon-on-your head party. The possibilities are endless!

–          Children love video games. If available, have a dance competition by using videogames such as Just Dance, Dance-Dance Revolution, Dance Central, etc.


Get Creative!

Butterfly snacks

–          Put popcorn, grapes, berries or other snacks in snack bags.

–          Clip with a clothespin (the body of the butterfly).

–          Decorate as desired.

Janel Genge is a registered dietitian with Kids Eat Smart Foundation Newfoundland and Labrador

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