Healthy lunch box ideas

9-year-old John has been making his lunch each morning for a couple of years.

9-year-old John has been making his lunch each morning for a couple of years.

Even for the most organized family getting the daily routine of making our lunches can sometimes seem monotonous and boring, day in, day out.

Here are some tips to get creative with those lunch box ideas and make packing lunch fun for kids!

What can parents do?

Healthy eating begins at home, so it is important that children are encouraged to eat a proper balanced diet.

  • Involve children in grocery shopping, planning and making their lunch
  • Inform teachers and volunteers of any food intolerance/allergies that your child may have
  • Put a secret note, sticker, or cartoon with lunch. Everyone enjoys a surprise!
  • Be a role model. Set an example by trying new foods yourself.
  • Promote a healthy attitude towards eating and exercise.

Brown bagging

Include foods for lunch that encourage healthy eating behaviours.

  • John Luncho2Sit with your child and make a list of lunch options. Try to get them to choose something from each food group: grains, vegetables & fruit, meats & alternatives, and milk & alternatives. Once you have a list, all you have to do is mix and match.
  • You can use water bottles and fill them with something healthy they enjoy… and save money too.
  • Have your child make their lunch as part of their bedtime or morning routine – if they make it themselves, they are more likely to eat it!
  • Set your child up with a lunch box or bag that they like

There are many websites, books, and other resources that have ideas for packing lunches. For an unlimited supply of lunch box recipes check out The Lunch Box.

Kristin Harris is a registered dietitian with Kids Eat Smart Foundation Newfoundland and Labrador.

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