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Eating “In-Season”

Have you noticed that your favorite fruit, berry or vegetable is now almost twice the price than it was this summer? Most fruits and vegetables have seasons when they are of better quality and are more readily available to consumers.  When these fruits and vegetables are more readily available, we can get them at a

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Smoothie Fun!!

Smoothies are always such a great hit with Kids Eat Smart Clubs!! Come together with your community members and start blending up those fruits and berries and make some delicious tasty smoothies for your club!! – Staff from Kids Eat Smart, Sobeys, Heart and Stroke Foundation and Holy Cross Elementary come together to serve up delicious

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Make It A Theme Night!!

Can’t get your children to enjoy family meals? Try making meal time exciting by incorporating a “Theme Night” every Friday…….or whatever night works best for your family!! Develop a schedule of the different themes you and your family will enjoy, don’t forget to get input from the kiddies…..they will love this!! Some themes that you could include

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Adding Nutrition to Children’s Parties

Are special occasion foods okay in moderation? Absolutely! But moderation has been overused and “special occasion” sweet and salty foods seem to be incorporated on a regular basis when children attended special events either at school (ie. class parties) or at home (ie. birthday parties). What many parents and teachers often wonder is “how can

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Healthy Halloween Treats!!

Halloween is the time of year when children of all ages get excited to dress up as their favorite superheroes, cartoon characters, or as scary ghosts, witches and monsters!! Although dressing up can be quite fun, what’s even more exciting for most of these children are all the yummy treats they will receive when they

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Fun & Easy Breakfast To Go!

Check out this adorable breakfast recipe for serving up at your Kids Eat Smart Club. Kids will love them! Everything appears to be more fun when served up on a stick, and this breakfast pop is no exception. Try out a whole wheat pancake mix to pump up that daily dose of  fibre! What you’ll need:

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