Celebrating our KES Club Volunteers!

We are happy to celebrate National Volunteer this week with all of our Kids Eat Smart Club volunteers. We have the support of over 6,100 volunteers throughout Newfoundland and Labrador so we certainly know the importance of volunteers in our community. We would not be able to operate our KES Clubs without them.  They help purchase food, prepare meals, and organize clubs and serve more than 27,000 meals to school aged children in our Province.

We are happy to have partnered with Egg Farmers Newfoundland and Labrador again this year and sent all KES Clubs a token of appreciation for our 6,100 volunteers.  We ask all of our KES Clubs to show their appreciation to our volunteers this week by hosting  “Thank You” events for your volunteers.  Here are some ideas for your KES Club volunteers:

  • Host a Thank You tea for your volunteers
  • Host a Thank You breakfast for your volunteers
  • Host a Thank You assembly at your school to show appreciation to your volunteers
  • Have students prepare cards in appreciation for your KES Club volunteers

On behalf of all of our children and The Kids Eat Smart Foundation board and staff we certainly want to extend our sincerest “Thank You” to all of our KES Club Volunteers!

Kristin Hedges is a Registered Dietitian with Kids Eat Smart Foundation NL.

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