Trick-or-Treating – Keep it Fun and Make it Healthy!

Halloween is just two weeks away and by now most of us have purchased, or will purchase in the coming days, treats for our little “trick-or-treaters.” Children love going door-to-door collecting bags of goodies.  As we are aware most of these treats that children receive on Halloween night are not nutritious and are high in calories, fats and sugars. No doubt, we all love a yummy treat or two, especially on Halloween, but there are some healthier options that you can pass out for your treaters and this will be special – they will love it, their parents will love it!

Healthier options can be more expensive. In the days leading up to Halloween try hunting for deals by checking flyers, shop your local dollar stores and other discount stores to see if you can find some creative treats.  It doesn’t have to be food; kids will love something a little different and unique!

Here are some things to look for when hunting for cool and fun Halloween treats this weekend:

– 100% fruit juice packs, fruit cups, fruit juice freezies, fruit snacks & fruit leathers

– Granola bars, popcorn & oatmeal packs

– Halloween stickers, pencils, erasers & stamps

– Glow sticks & mini play dough

– Hair buckles, lip gloss, plastic rings & key chains 

Happy Hunting!!





Janel Genge is a registered dietitian with Kids Eat Smart Foundation Newfoundland and Labrador

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