Yogurt Parfait Bar!

As you think about and plan your menus this year, try adding something new and fun into your KES Club menu.  While we know many kids tend to turn up their nose to new foods, we also know that they tend to try new foods if we make it fun and exciting – try a parfait bar at your KES Club!  Set up a side table where kids can make their own parfaits.  Let them choose from yogurt, different fruits (fresh or frozen) and granola or cereals to top it off…I can guarantee it will be a hit, just give it a try!

This fun breakfast offers 3 out of the 4 food groups, so there’s no need to prepare an additional large breakfast, most kids will love this and it’s filling!  Some milk or a glass of water on the side will be fine and for those children who refuse to try it, they can have “cereal parfait” since it’s offered as a topping on your parfait bar anyway.


  • Yogurt (plain, vanilla or strawberry)
  • Fruits and berries (bananas, frozen berries, frozen mixed fruits, chopped melons, etc)
  • Toppings (granola, cereal such as Cheerios, Raisin Bran and Chex)


Set a table with cups or bowls and spoons that the children can take and start adding their ingredients (If you think things will get messy, you can have your bowls or cups already filled with the yogurt).  Place your ingredients on the table with a spoon in each and allow the children to form an assembly line and serve themselves.  Have a volunteer near to keep the line moving.

Janel Genge is a Registered Dietitian with Kids Eat Smart Foundation Newfoundland and Labrador

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