Food Storage and Food Safety over the Holidays

Tomorrow is the start of our school’s Christmas Holidays. As you prepare to close your KES Clubs for the next two weeks ensure that you properly store you foods; for instance, your dry goods like cereals should be on shelves or in containers.  Produce will likely go bad over the holidays; most fruits can be cleaned and put in baggies and frozen.  You can use these later for smoothies or parfaits – don’t throw it out if you don’t need to.  As well, any cheese and yogurt that are still good can be frozen.  Please ensure all expiration dates are not passed before you freeze them.

As important as it is to save our foods and ensure proper storage over the holidays, it’s also important to make sure our foods are safe once we return. Due to winter storms and high winds, we often lose power here in NL.  If you return to your KES Club and know that the power may have been out for a long period of time, please take the proper precautions to ensure your food is safe. Review this helpful website and if you have further questions you can call us here at KES, 709-722-1996.

frozen-fruitHave a Happy and Healthy Christmas!

Janel Genge is a Registered Dietitian with Kids Eat Smart Foundation Newfoundland and Labrador

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